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Act Three: Chilled to the Bone

Laura opened the operhouse doors and was greeted by a tiny man with a pin stripe suit.
“You must be Laura…and you must be Steve!” He said. “Oh, where are my manners? I am Mr. Gorchan.”
Steve shook the man’s hand and Laura followed.
“Well, the tour must begin.” Mr. Gorchan said. Laura and Steve walked into the tremendous hall of the opera, full of marble and gold. Mr. Gorchan shut the large operahouse doors and quickly locked them. “We don’t want anyone else inside!” He joked.
“Who else is in here?” Laura asked. Her investigative instinct got the best of her.
“Me, you two, Madam Fifi, Sir Pierre and Madam LaLaurie.” Mr. Gorchan listed.
“Who are the last three you named?” Steve inquired.
“Oh, those are our actor and actresses. They’re currently in the theatre rehearsing.”
Mr. Gorchan lead them through the large room, and showed them everyhting. He finally neared a door, unlocked it, and when everyone entered, locked it again.
“This is the back stage, and leads directly to the stage.”
Laura could hear the voices of the man and women on the stage, singing a beautiful song. They journeyed into the old, dark backstage and saw the dressign rooms and prop rooms, lined with nostalgic memorabilia.
They finnaly exited through the curtains, and were greeted to the huge theatre, and lights shinging on them. Steve and Laura watched from across the stage at the singing angels who belted out the most wonderful tunes.
They stopped.
“Oh, why hello!” Sir Pierra said. Madam LaLaurie looked over, as did Madam FiFi.
Steve and Laura greeted each one of them.
“So, you are Laura?” Fifi asked.
“Yes, that’s me.”
“I heard of your past. Not to worry, all is calm and settle here!” Sir Pierre joked.
Little did everyone know, Laura was already dealing with a circumstance of her own.
“I must go freshen up in my dressing room. I shall return.” Madame LaLaurie walked off, leaving everyone behind.
Mr. Grochan hopped off the stage, and sat in one of the seats.
“Laura, Steve, come sit and enjoy Pierre and Fifi.”
Laura and Steve joined Mr. Grochan.
The actors sang more. Then, the spotlight shining on the two was quickly blacked out, as a figure walked past the light. Laura and Steve turned around and looked up at the light.
“What was that?!” Asked Laura.
Mr. Grochan looked unhappy. “How do I know? This theatre is locked! Even if someone got into the operahouse, all the doors into the theatre itself are sealed…no worries…probabbly a bat.”
“Oh, how comforting.” Fifi said from the stage.
Suddenly, a scream was heard. Everyone jumped up.
“It was LaLaurie!” shouted Pierre.
They all raced into the dressing room, but the door was locked.
“LALAURIE!” They all screamed. No anwser. They tried to break down the door, but nothign happened. They promptly took an old stage light that was broken off the floor and threw it towards the locked door. It smashed into pieces, and the group ran into the room, shatterd oak all over. In the middle of the room was a chest that was never there before.
“What…what is it?!” Steve cried.
Laura slowly walked towards it…she finally opened it. Her scream was defeaning…
They all looked inside.

The acid-burnt skeleton of Madam LaLaurie lay there, pieces of flesh and muscle stil clinging to it.

Laura screamed and fell into Steve’s arms. Fifi began crying hysterically. Mr. Grochan just sat down, dazed. Pierre fell to his knees.
“Who could have…DONE such an awful thing?!” Cried Laura.

“Someone else is here…in the theatre. You all stay here, me and Steve will go get help.” Mr. Grochan said.
“What? No!” Steve cried.
“Just come!!” Mr. Grochan yelled.
Steve and him ran to the main entrance. Mr. Grochan took out his keys…but the lock was cemented.
“Oh my god…!”
They ran to the back entrance. The same thing.
They realized they were stuck, and ran into the theatre, locking all the doors.
“Everyone into the seating area!”

“We all must stay here. If we leave, we are in danger. At least now we’re safe. The killer is either in the lobby around the theatre, or inside. If we’re all together in open sight, we’re fine.” Mr. Grochan said to Fifi, Pierre, Steve and Laura, who sat in the seats, looking up at him. Mr. Grochan, standing on the stage, just finished his speech when out of the curtain behind him came and ax. It slice in the center of his head, and he fell to the ground, blood and brain matter surrouunding him. The screams were loud enough to shatter glass.