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Act Two: The Killing Club

Light. A light shined. Slowly, Laura rubbed her eyes, but the light still stayed as it was. The light faded, and Laura slowly slipped back into her rest.

* * *

Startled, Laura sat up quickly and looked around. She sat in a bed, and surrounding her was equpiment of which she had never seen before. She looked at her wrist. A metal band had been placed around it. She felt the room rocking from side to side. She looked up and saw Steve in the doorway.

“Thank God you’re alright.” He whispered, as he came and sat on the bed next to her.
“What…what happened?” she asked. The last thing she remembered was grabbing the coffee table and throwing herself out of the window.
“We found you unconcious, on the deck below our suite.” Steve looked at her in the eyes. Laura suddenly realized what Steve was thinking.
“Oh God Steve! It was horrible! I was being chased! I was about to be killed!” Laura didn’t know what else to say.
“Yes, that’s what we suspected. We found an ax lying by the broken window.” Steve hugged Laura, but Laura pulled away.
“Did you catch them?” Laura asked.
Steve hesitated. He didn’t want to upset Laura in anyway.
“No…” Steve looked as Laura’s eyes widened. “But, we’re keeping you under heavy security.”
Laura looked out the small port hole to her left, and watched as the blue ocean passed them by.
“I’m not scared…I’m not.” Laura made herself brave again. “I want to go back to the room.”
“No, we have to stay here. I’ll stay with you.” Steve said, keeping her calm.
“No, I want to-” Laura was interupted when a gaurd walked into the room.
“Ms. Laura Bow?” He asked.
“Yes, that’s me.”
“This person who was chasing you, did they wear any type of mask to conceal their face?” The gaurd asked.
Laura thought. “No…noting…wait. Come to think of it, yes. It looked like a masqurade mask.”
“Just what we thought. We found the mask outside of a man’s room. When we went inside, he had more in his chest, and his prop ax, along with a prop sword were missing. So, he’s in custody, and everything is fine.” The gaurd left, leaving Steve and Laura speechless.
“See, everythings alright.” Steve said.
But Laura knew better. After being in situations like this one, her senses told her differently.
“Steve, don’t you see? This is too easy to be real. No, no. This is a set up. The person who did this is still out there…” Laura trailed off. From the port hole, she could see the docks looming ahead…and Paris was within grasp.

* * *

Steve and Laura got into the taxi, and as their luggage was being loaded, Laura looked out the window. The supposed man who attacked Laura was being dragged down the ship’s ramp. She watched as he was shoved into a police vehicle, and drove off into the distance.
“I feel horrible for that man. They don’t even know if he actually did it!” Laura said.
Steve had closed his eyes and was already dosing by the time they go to the hotel. Laura awoke Steve, and the two stepped out onto the streets of Paris. The hotel, named “Chateu Folles”, was a marveling gem of architecture, and inside sat the five-star services that would accompany Steve and Laura. As the bell-hop took their luggage, Steve and Laura checked in. A cheery concierge named “Cher” welcomed them, and led them to their room on the eigth floor. The view was spectacular, and Laura couldn’t of been happier.

When everything was finished being unpacked, Laura opened the bag with her toiletrees. Inside was an envelope. Steve looked over at Laura’s bag.
“Dear, what’s that?” He asked.
“I…I don’t know…a letter of some sort.” She said. She opened it, and hesitated to read it.

“My Dearest Laura:

By now, you and Steve are enjoying yourself in Paris. But I have one more suprise in store. Tomorow, meet Mr. Pierre Gorchan at the “St. Royal Operahouse”. There, you will be greeted to an exclusive tour of the building, while the actors and actresses preform. Enjoy, my pumpkin.

With love,

“Steve! Read it!” Laura yapped with excitement. As a child she always loved the theatre, and now, even as a grown-up, she felt like the little girl she used to be.
“This will be wonderful! Laura…wait a second…” Steve said.
“What?” Inquired Laura.
“We have to go today! This letter is off by a day!” Steve worried.
“How is that possible?” Laura asked.
“Remember when the boat stopped? When you were attacked? Well the boat’s anchor had broken, and accidently fallen to the sea floor. It gave us a delay…a delay of one whole day…so we have to go! Quick, get everything together!” Steve hurried Laura up.
Suddenly, a knock at the door was heard.
“Who is it?” Laura asked. No reply. Then a large envelope was slipped beneath the door and scurrying footsteps were heard.
“Probabbly from the front desk.” Steve said, as motioned over to pick the letter up.
He slowly opened it as Laura looked on, slipping on her shoes.
Steve dropped the envelope.
“Steve? What’s wrong?” She picked up the letter…Steve slowly looked on.
On the paper were a list of names unknown to Laura or Steve. All were crossed out. Except for one. One that was at the bottom. It was Laura’s. At the bottom, it read “Welcome to the Club”.
“What…what could this possibly mean?” Laura asked Steve. “Some sort of club?” She kept looking at the names.
Steve pointed at the top of the sheet. “Read the title…” He trailed off.
At the top, in dark red letters were the words:
Laura ripped up the paper. “Some horrible joke, that’s what it is. Let’s just get out of here and go to the Operahouse…we need fresh air.”
Steve didn’t move. “Laura, we need to tell someone.”
“Steve, don’t worry. We’re fine, we’re safe.” Laura walked out of the room, and Steve followed.

But deep inside, Laura knew she wasn’t safe. Laura knew she wasn’t safe anywhere.