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Hello all, I decided to write a fanfiction for my favorite Sierra Game, Laura Bow. This game starts a month or so after Amon-Ra, …if Act One gets good feedback, I’ll post Act Two…enjoy!

Act One: Traveling Into Danger

Laura nervously sipped her tea as the boat rocked back and forth, moving it’s large hull through the blue ocean waves.
“Are you alright?” asked Steve. Laura looked up at her fiance, Steve Dorian, and tried to look happy.
“Yes, why would you think otherwise?” she questioned. Steve smiled.
“Love, I know when somethings wrong. Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.” He assured her. Laura looked out the window and watched as the ocean rocked the cruiseliner from side to side. Steve and Laura’s room was a large one, with a living room and bedroom, paid for by Laura’s dad who sent them away to Paris as a pre-wedding gift. Sitting in the living room and looking out at the blue water around them made Laura nervous, since she had never been on a boat for so long.
“Sweety, you’ve escaped murderers and dodged cloaked figures…I think we can handle this?” Steve tried to comfort her, but it wasn’t working.
“No, it’s not the boat…well, partly, yes. But I just have that feeling, you know? That something may go wrong.” She said. The plantation and the museum quickly flashed through her mind, as she shuttered at the memory of all who were murdered.
Suddenly, the boat jerked, and everything seemed to stop. Laura’s tea went flying towards the window, and when it hit, the fragile tea cup shattered, leaving the window unharmed.
“What’s wrong? I told you something would happen!” She exclaimed.
“Sit here, I’m going to go and see what happened.” before Laura could say a word, he rushed out of the corrders, leaving Laura alone.
“What if…” Laura’s mind wandered…five minutes went by…
Suddenly, a knock was heard. Laura got up and looked through the peepwhole. Nothing.
Laura turned and walked back to the couch, getting her coat so she could go and look for steve. Then she heard something, like the sound of a bang. She walked towards the door and put her ear against it. She heard nothing.
Just then, the blade of an ax went flying through the wooden door, barely missing her face. Laura screamed, and rushed to the other side of the room. The door fell to pieces under the hacking of the ax, and figure with a Masqaurade mask jumped into the room. Laura screamed, but it fell on deaf ears. She took books that were strewn on the coffee table and thew them at the figure, but nothing helped as it just walked towards her, rusty ax in hand. then, Laura had to do it. She took the table held it infront of her as she ran through the glass, to lessen the impact. Her body flew through the air with glass all around her, and pieces of chippd oak from the coffe table darting to the ground. Laura hit the ground with such force that her world was shut down as she slowly faded into unconiousness…

Feedback, por favor!