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“… (by Johann de Waal) But how can something close out the series when it isn’t even part of the series?

Yeah, that’s true. Probably wasn’t the best way for me to phrase the question.

However, I just feel like, since it isn’t often that we see fan projects of this large scale and since, from what I’ve seen, this new impressive-looking “King’s Quest” project will continue stories developed from previous games AND since it seems like it’s being created with the old, familiar Sierra adventure game “spirit” in mind, then as far as I’m concerned this new project deserves to be considered a continuation (at least of sorts) of the series.

I guess I don’t see the point in insisting that new non-Sierra projects like KQ9 aren’t “real” parts in the series. I think we all know the difference between official Sierra projects and fan projects, and we all also understand that we probably won’t be seeing any new old-style adventure games from Sierra in the near future, so why not appreciate and enjoy the fabulous new work that is being done in this old adventure game spirit.

But back to what i was trying to get at in a previous post… I was simply curious whether the KQ9 creators saw their project as a kind of conclusion (at least their version of one, if even a temporary one) to the series/stories given the previously described, less-than-satisfactory KQ8 ending.