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But how can something close out the series when it isn’t even part of the series?

But anyway . . . yeah, it’s totally ridiculous what EA did to Origin. Here you had one of the premiere (and certainly the technological leader) game developers going in the early 90’s. EA then acquired them (because frankly, EA’s in-house games usually sucked) with money obviously borrowed from Satan, and screwed Origin into oblivion. Just draw up a list of all time great PC games, then count the number of appearances by Origin games, you’ll be surprised. After all, who can forget Bioforge, Ultima 4, Ultima 7, Ultima Underworld, Martian Dreams, Crusader and its not-quite-a-sequel, Wing Commander 1 and 2, Privateer 1 and 2, System Shock? And the list goes on. Man, what a sad tale.