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not only that but, as evidenced by the fan reaction to KQ3, why bother playing a game called King’s Quest if the character you’re playing doesn’t become royalty at the end? I think that’s why KQ2VGA made their ending that way. It’s also possible that’s what happened to Connor at the end of KQ8, but seeing as I’ve never played it…mheh…muh…mmh…

The main ending of KQ7 is like this **SPOILER ALERT** Rosella uses the strange Troll device to zap the fake Troll King, turning him to Edgar from KQ4. Edgar protects Rosella from Malicia, and then gets killed. Rosella zaps Malicia turning her into a baby. Rosella gives Edgar the life from the black cat. (If you fail to do this, you get a lesser ending where Edgar dies and everyone’s sad.) Some long exposition is given by all the characters. Finally, Edgar takes Rosella on a tour of his kingdom in a swan boat (Faries, Go figure.) Edgar asks for Rosella’s hand a second time, and she accepts. Then they fade out.**END SPOILER ALERT**

Aside from that scene, we don’t know what happened to Rosella. She was supposed to inherit the throne at the end of KQ4, but we don’t know if she became the queen or she stayed with Edgar and became his queen. (I certainly hope it’s the former, since Edgar is by no means a proper leader.) I think the KQ2VGA people thought Rosella became the queen of the faries, actually fulfilling the prophecy that none of Graham’s children would inherit the throne.