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I wish KQ2VGA and KQ7 were fresher in my mind. I really need to play KQ7 again. Alex stays in the land of the Green Isles at the end of KQ6. I don’t remember what happened to Rosella in KQ7 at the end – what were the specific details?

As for KQ2VGA, isn’t that curse thing what the Father intends – but obviously wouldn’t the goal of the player in any future KQ games from AGDI, if the Father storyline is continued, be to counter-act that curse / prevent it from coming true?

When KQIX comes along, I’m sure they’ll have their own ideas about the future of Daventry and the whole KQ world.

“…at the end of the King’s Quest games” – well, we are at the end of the King’s Quest games. As far as Roberta is concerned, I guess KQ7 is the end. I don’t know if she still considers Mask canon after it didn’t really turn out how she envisioned. I need to play that game again too – I don’t remember what happened at the end of Mask – whether or not anything happened with Connor. People generally seemed to dislike Connor – in one scene from KQ2VGA, *SPOILER*, the player is given a choice to knight Connor or not to knight him (I think – or was it to actually crown him King? Again I forget). This doesn’t mean that according to AGDI Connor becomes King. It only means that it is a future possibility. Well, Sir Graham became King according to his heroic deeds. He wasn’t blood-related to the Royal Family. I would find it very fitting that if anyone ever interprets the end of the KQ story, the space of the KQ story measured according to the life and reign of King Graham, that the crown should be passed again to another brave knight.