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Pardon me, I don’t get the point of this thread. To say that the game is unpolished would be an understatement. And most of those development groups I’ve never even heard about. And this Hero of Infamous Kingdoms doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Hero6 (which didn’t use AGS if I remember correctly).

I guess the following quote from explains it:

“Not only have we merged our project teams, we have also merged our projects and have created a game for you to enjoy! YES, we’ve already created an entire game, ready for download!”

And from the FAQ page on Silver Sphinx Studio’s website:

Q: Why did you make Hero of the Infamous Kingdoms?
A: Because we felt it was time to form together all of the fellow fan projects out there to merge their projects into one project.
Q: Does this mean all the other individual projects won’t finish?
A: They have been all finished, just into one game.
Q: So is this a QFG fan game?
A: Yes.

Another example of fan games hurting the source material?