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We apologise if you are unable to view the website.

“…Sorry, my datacenter seems to be experiencing difficulties (yes, datacenter, not server) so the main site is down.

The techs are working on the issue and the site should be up anytime now. I haven’t slept and it’s dawn so I’m sleeping now that I know the techs are working on it.

Keep checking the url above too because the site is really pretty!” – Brassfire, website Mistress…”

Mirrors are here:

Full game, 10 MB
Full Game 2
Full Game 3

Full game, no speech pack, 3 MB
Full Game No Speech 2
Full Game No Speech 3

Separate speech pack download, 7 MB
Speech Pack 2
Speech Pack 3

(edit) Website’s up again, so please check it out. Thanks.