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“So let’s talk about them, and I’ll leave the LBCBR nastiness behind. What new, exciting game development happenings are you working on? Sounds like you have some interesting ideas.”


Yeah let’s talk about it! Unfortunately we can’t talk here as Brandon is listening. I’m just about to post an update now at Laura Bow Investigative Reporter Group: To visit your group on the web, go to: 

We just happen to like murder mysteries… Dagger of Amon Ra, other NON-Sierra murder mysteries, you know. Colonel’s Bequest just happens to be the candidate ‘most’ in need of an update. Opinions vary. My opinion rarely does.

Colonel’s Bequest is BEST run in the following environment: Running under Windows 98 with VDMSound. XP is OK if you use DOS BOX, but I’m sure you can find an old 486 that will suit your purposes for Classic Gaming for less than $100! Just make sure it has VGA graphics like VESA 2, Windows 3.11 WFW, Sound Card.

Colonel’s Bequest was strange because it created it’s graphics in VECTOR mode. Check out SCI Studio and play through the drawing of the mansion… it’s like watching the artist draw the scene out.