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You said:

I apologize for disregarding what you said above about leaving it be…but just some advice:

I saw this same thing happen on the other board a year ago, I’m warning you now, he’s not going to drop it. All of his threads were locked, and he started more. They finally had to ban him as far as I know.

Just don’t want to see him disrupt things here … “

»» All I wanted to do is talk about the exciting things happening in game development. Instead it de-evolved into two rival programming factions, one who supports me, the other who does everything in their power to give me a bad name.

I do admit defeat. Brandon is the admin here and if he doesn’t want to have an open conversation about Laura Bow, online gaming, and copyright, that’s his call. I’ll still post on other boards… just not Game Developers Public (I don’t have access to the Game Developers-Team forum so that’s not an issue).