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Steven, thank you for your objective reporting of that recap. I can verify that what Steven has reported is true.

Now I haven’t followed all of the discussion here, but I want this thread to end. Discussion like this, no matter how well-intentioned individuals may be, only leads to angry argument and flaming – that’s what happened in the other gaming forum that Steven has mentioned.

This isn’t really the place to talk about fan projects or to use these forums as a place to work on fan projects. There is a fan project area under “Sierra Chat” then goto “Fan Fiction, Art & Games”, but that should only be used to announce the release of a COMPLETED fan project or to discuss a fan project that is ALREADY COMPLETE. If you’ve already done this I’m sorry for missing it, but what you should really do Benjamin is setup your own forum, on ezboards for example you can do it for free, and you can invite people there to discuss your project.

Thank you and that’s end of story, guys. I trust you can let it be, but if you decide to continue this here, I’ll just delete all the posts.

Brandon Klassen ~ admin / dev team ~