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Now here is a brief history of the Jodo Kast/CBequest story

About a year ago on a gaming forum, Jodo posted an intention to remake The Colonel’s Bequest. Interest was generated, and a nice dialogue was started amongst a collected bunch of amateur game makers. One posted a VGA conversion picture he had made of the Mansion Exterior in CBquest, and then Jodo immediately said “Good, now make all the rest!”

Which was met with some confusion, as the memeber clearly said he couldn’t work full time on the project, and merely posted the picture to help give an idea of what could be done. Jodo then got very strange with many of us, and took it to mean people were “on the team” if they expressed an interest, or even an opinion on the project. He then released a demo, which was one room in AGS, featuring a wacky-photoshop-filtered building exterior, and using the AGS Roger sprite, you found a key. The next demo was 7 ripped SCI screens from the Original Colonel’s Bequest – except they all scrolled. Still using the Roger sprite. He claimed a new demo would be out by Christmas, 2003. He got increasingly hostile and lost his sense of logic. Christmas came and went, no demo. His claim, which is now legendary amongst some, “It’s on Kazaa”. So, no demo, rude behavior, putdowns of other fan groups, and finally a geocities website later, Jodo kind of left circles. His geocites site had one 3-D rendered Background, that honestly wasn’t bad, and a punch of stock “Poser” characters on it. He claimed to move the setting to modern day (obviously NOT grasping the humourous names of the characters, which reflected celebrities and well known socialites of the time.) Anyway, a man named Powerhouse (who seemed to be Jodo in disguise) posted a message CLAIMING to be the reason why Sam and Max 2 was shut down, and any attempts to refute this were met with the same rude behavior.

Anyway, some of us feel he promises much to fans, and delivers nothing but hot air. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if he wasn’t rude in the process. That’s just a bit of history for you.