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I’ve read through this thread and I’m kind of lost. Heres what I gather:

1) Some guy is making a game about Lara Bow
2) He does not have the copyright or permission to use the name/characters
3) A group of people he knows from other forums have continued their arguements here
4) A giant flame war commences

Ok I think a Lara Bow fan game would be fun, however I tend to agree with everyone else that it should not be done without Vivendi’s consent. Believe it or not, but if you try to release that game it will be stomped on. There were countless before you doing the same with other sierra games and many met that same fate.

Why not make a new character in the likeness of LB? It can’t be too hard to use your own talent to do so. I mean, there wasn’t anything truley needed about the name. A common misconception is that sierra’s names are needed to create good adventure games. That is false, I mean no one had a clue who Graham was in King’s Quest 1….but it remained a hit due to the content. If you create a decent enough character I’m sure your game will make them just as famous.

As for this war, I don’t understand why it must continue on Ken’s message board. I think you should all just let it go. Why is it such a crime to post about his game? I don’t want to take any sides on this issue but he hasn’t done a thing wrong. If you don’t believe he is working on it, so be it. Most games do take years to complete you know…even fan ones. If he fails so what, it’s no hair off your backs.