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“Jodo replies »» Are you and Klitos done flirting in this thread? It’s fine if you do, but … it’s kind of distracting.” – Jodo

Like I said, your comprehension skills are “astounding”. I was thanking him for speaking up for me. I think that your ramblings are far more distracting.

“To address your concern there IS A FAN called SS TOTENKOPF. He or she writes very similar to you and I inferred that “Swift Sumner” meant “S.S.” My mistake! If you aren’t the user I thought you were, you have nothing to worry about.” – Jodo

I did a check on all the members of the AGDI forums under the memberlist. There is no “fan” called “S.S. Totenkopf”. While there used to be one in this forum, there isn’t any in AGDI. You’re using him as an excuse for your name-calling, aren’t you? You can’t claim that you mistook me for him, because all you had to do was to click on my username to see that I never posted in any other thread at that time, let alone post as “S.S. Totenkopf”.

I’m sick of your lies. Why don’t you just admit that you called me “S.S. Totenkopf” in order to insult me, like how you called Erpy “Troller” when he did nothing wrong to you.

You can’t get away with lying forever. Sooner or later, even your fans will find out that you’ve been lying to them all this while.