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Jodo wrote: “S.S. (Totenkopf?) wrote:
“And you ask me why I say there’s so much false info… “”
(Msg#55193 on 10/14/2004 at 13:45)

Jodo wrote: “Quite true; I do consider the AGDI people fans in some way… SS Totenkopf…”
(Msg#55283 on 10/15/2004 at 14:22)

Ok Jodo, to associate me with Adolf Hitler’s elite troop when all I did was question you is extremely sick. Not once did I call you names, and all you did was accuse me of causing trouble when you found my questions “too difficult” to answer. Not once did I insult you, even though your lack of logic and comprehension skills are astounding. I can certainly tolerate you calling me a troll, but calling me “S.S. Totenkopf” definitely crosses it. For the record, I was and will never be a fan of yours, so you can stop deceiving yourself that I am. I’ll never be a fan of an imaginary game project, and I certainly won’t be a fan of a name-calling liar.

Klitos, thank you for speaking up for me.