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Jodo, I’m not a fan of yours, though if I entertain you at times that is a by-product of me not understanding what the hell you’re talking about 9 times out of 10. And that’s not because I’m stupid either, I happen to have a Masters Degree in Financial Services. Not that you’d probably understand what that is.

What I will put my foot down about is your complete low, cowardly, smarmy and ill-informed insults directed at Swift. For you to be refering to her as SS Totenkopf is disgusting and degrading. While she may not believe that you are actually working on a remake / whatever of Laura Bow, a view which you haven’t disproved in your ramblings, to equate her with with Hitler’s SS … I am left stunned that even you would sink that low.

For those who don’t know what SS Totenkopf means, SS is the abbreviation of Schutz Staffel, Adolf Hitler’s elite troops during the Second World War. Totenkopf is german for skull, which is the symbol SS-ers wore on their caps…they were sometimes referred to as the Totenkopf brigade. They were particularly infamous for their ruthlessness. They were often in charge of important operations like guarding Nazi officials and leading destruction camps.

Jodo Kast or Benjamin Lindelof, you are a disgrace. I hope the mods (Relight??) consider all of this in your moderations of this board.