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Since Tom and I are on the same team together, I think I’m in a position to answer your last reply.

Yes, Tom has written permission from Sierra to distribute the music on his site. This agreement was made before Vivendi took over, but it’s binding until VU decides to revoke it.

Tom has very strict guidelines regarding the music distribution and for an enterprise such as yours, he’d need at least proof that you have written permission from VU to use their trademarks before he can give you permission to use the music on his site.

Tom has been forced to ask people to remove music taken from QS from their sites in the past, because they took it without authorisation and he didn’t give you authorisation to use it as you saw fit. (I’m positive of that)

Since YOU need something from HIM, I wouldn’t ask Tom to contact you. You should contact him and provide him with written permission from VU before you take stuff from his site that is to be used in such an endeavor.