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“You are concluding that you are the authority on the matter, much like Broomie does.” – Jodo

Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I’m not claiming that I have “authority on the matter”, I’m trying to find out exactly what is going on. And there’re still some things I’d like to clarify with you.

“Yes Vivendi/Universal will not deal with us at all in regards to the Laura Bow copyright and they know full well that we are pursuing it.” – Jodo

You mean to tell me that VU is fully aware of the fact that you plan to charge people for a game which they own (and you still don’t own that game) and they’re not going to do anything? No C&D letter? No lawsuit? I find that very hard to swallow. They’re just going to let your team reap all the profits out of the goodness of their hearts?

“It’s like a legal game of chess and the final move will be when we release the game. Then it’s up to Vivendi/Universal again, it goes back and forth.” – Jodo

?!?! That doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t even sound relevant at all.

“Vanessa Mule responds to general queries regarding the game using the bhjodokast yahoo address for the LBCBR Crew.”

Isn’t that your e-mail address? Why are you sharing it with her? Doesn’t she have her own e-mail address? If she always uses that bhjodokast yahoo address to make announcements, why did you feel the need to tell everyone that she isn’t you in the next post?

Surely you wouldn’t need to write this after her post, right?

“That was not Jodo Kast. This is Jodo.

I fixed the name so Vanessa can reply with our team name: LBCBR Crew.” – Jodo 

“She said V/U is OK with our plans because they are not actively trying to stop us” – Jodo

Just because VU didn’t seem to be “actively trying to stop [you]” doesn’t mean that they’re “OK” with it.

This statement: “Vivendi/Universal (who owns the copyright to all Sierra property) is OK with our plans, as long as we don’t sell the actual game.”

implies that VU gave you some sort of official statement that they’re “OK” with it, and now you’re saying that “V/U cannot bless our project”, that you just assumed they’re ok with it because they haven’t come after you yet. I’m seeing a lot of contradictions here.

“what do they care if we want to publish a 3-D game? It’s not like they are using the characters, the old Sierra is dead so nobody cares.” – Jodo

I cannot believe that you wrote that. “What do they care”? If they let a small team make money out of their game, they lose their copyright. Of course they care. In fact, they’re even discussing the possibility of selling the old games again. (  Now if they were actually thinking of doing that, would they want to lose copyright just because they didn’t stop a small team from making money off their game? I think not.

Oh, and one more thing. Did you get permission from Tom Lewandowski to use those music clips from his website?