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Swift wrote:
“And you ask me why I say there’s so much false info… “

Jodo replies:
There is no false information as far as I am aware. You are concluding that you are the authority on the matter, much like Broomie does. I’ll keep that in mind. For as you must be aware, plans change. Plans change and stuff moves around; calm down, everything is under control.

Swift wrote:
“You’re right, I am extremely confused because one of your team members (Vanessa Mule) wrote:
“It will be a free game, but… We will be selling the boxes/CDs/manuals to go with the
free game”
“Vivendi/Universal (who owns the copyright to all Sierra property) is OK with our plans, as long as we don’t sell the actual game.”
These statements can be found in this link of yours. I’m sure you’re aware of it. After all, she made that post using your email address. (Hmm…)″ 

Jodo replies: Yes Vivendi/Universal will not deal with us at all in regards to the Laura Bow copyright and they know full well that we are pursuing it. It’s like a legal game of chess and the final move will be when we release the game. Then it’s up to Vivendi/Universal again, it goes back and forth.

Vanessa Mule responds to general queries regarding the game using the bhjodokast yahoo address for the LBCBR Crew. She said V/U is OK with our plans because they are not actively trying to stop us – unlike some web surfers out there. V/U cannot bless our project but what do they care if we want to publish a 3-D game? It’s not like they are using the characters, the old Sierra is dead so nobody cares.

It’s just as well; it’s great fodder for the general public to make their own games. I heard rumors of a Police Quest game remake with Live Action (which is REALLY easy with a $500 Sony digicam).

I can legally charge you $50 to visit my website. Now if there happens to be a Laura Bow game there you can download for free, so be it. Nobody cares! LOL.