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“wow, so much false info… ” Answer from Jodo: What false information are you referring to?

“Just how do you plan to sell your free game, and how on earth did you get VU to agree to your plans on selling it in the first place? Just curious.” Answer from Jodo: Sell my free game? You sound confused. If I’m selling a game, it’s not free. If it’s free how would I be selling it? I don’t understand your question. I don’t work for VU and I don’t have a deal with them.

“Does that mean that you’ll no longer be producing CDs, printed manuals and boxes anymore? Just how exactly are you going to charge people for this game which you don’t own the rights to? -Swift” Answer from Jodo: That’s a good question. We have artwork here for the characters, animations and backgrounds for a Colonel’s Bequest remake. We have the music from Tom L’s website. The game will be released as soon as possible. Vivendi/Universal doesn’t work with independent fan remakes so there is no problem there. Let me know if you have a specific question about this.