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Wow, so much false info…

“Once again you stalkers are bothering me on the Internet.

In any other medium, you would be ignored so the rest of us can have some fun! For instance, I offered a few positions where you could help out. You just want to bug people. You bug the people who are programming Quest for Glory 2 Remake and KQ2 VGA remake, and you are bugging me.” – Jodo

I wasn’t there when the alleged “bugging” took place, but from the posts that I’ve read at AGDI, the Infamous Adventurers didn’t bug you, and they didn’t bug the AGDI team for the remakes either.

Would you care to comment on this statement found in this article from your website please? 

“It will be a free game, but we’ll have boxes and CD’s burned and printed, and even a manual (minus the fingerprint copy-protection system that Sierra included with their manual). We will be selling the boxes/CDs/manuals to go with the free game, or as an alternative if you do not want to download the file (the finished game should be under 1 CD (700MB). Vivendi/Universal (who owns the copyright to all Sierra property) is OK with our plans, as long as we don’t sell the actual game.” – Vanessa Mule, team member of Jodo’s game

Just how do you plan to sell your free game, and how on earth did you get VU to agree to your plans on selling it in the first place? Just curious.

“Right now we are looking at publishing the game only on the Net; you visit the website and you play the game online. Your saved games will be online. This way we can control who plays for free and who must pay.” – Jodo

Does that mean that you’ll no longer be producing CDs, printed manuals and boxes anymore? Just how exactly are you going to charge people for this game which you don’t own the rights to?