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(re: Colonel’s Bequest: Resurrection) Alright Jodo. This is your ONE warning – I know who you are, I know of your antics on other forums, and your behavior WILL NOT be tolerated here. 
Post carefully or you will find your posts deleted. 
Brandon Klassen ~ admin team ~ 
I know who you are, too.  
I see a fire in Ken and Roberta’s eyes. I want to be part if it just as much as you do. I’ll give you a link to my portfolio later, right now it’s not necessary until after Ken has time to go over it. There’s my portfolio plus laurabowinvestigativereporter to go through. All the graphics I created – with a computer. I use any tool to get the job done, including Poser, because I have professional graphic design deadlines to meet.

Please don’t think I’m not doing work. Just think: If you don’t have to CREATE the character, you can focus 100% on the LOOK and the EMOTE characteristics!

I’ve always had to deal with limited resources, so I know how to find a way — no matter who get’s killed (as Rudy from Colonel’s Bequest might tell you).

– B.L.

P.S. My work can be viewed at this URL but you have to be a member of LauraBowInvestigativeReporter group to see the files (search for LauraBowInvestigativeReporter) 

There are two demos out, one with Laura walking around a swamp that I remade, it’s very simple but it shows all angles of the character.

Also a demo I made especially for my friends at AGDIforums. It was cool in my opinion but no one seemed to like it!
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