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The point of this post is to get you excited.

In addition to the ideas you are hearing from Ken and Roberta, you will also hear ideas from the rest of the team.

It is important to listen to everyone’s ideas. Don’t you agree?

– B.L. (you can call me Elby lol — oh is that backwards?)

P.S. I added this to my list of favorites under “Colonel’s Bequest: Resurrection OFFICIAL THREAD”. It’s only on my PC that it shows up like this, but  is changing.

Laura Bow Investigative Reporter is now #1 in Google and the #1 Yahoo! Adventure Games Club! Search google for: Laura Bow Investigative

The issues and topics on Laura Bow Investigative Reporter are not related to the issue I am bringing to Ken’s attention. This is something different. It goes back to the CORE of Sierra On-Line and what that company tried to do before it was purchased (and diced).

I’m as excited as I have ever been. This is a new high that does not concern drugs or alcohol. I will now cook some Kung Pao chicken — therapy to calm the nerves. This time less Cayenne and Tabasco so the flavor comes thru.