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“… (by Barry) …it’s just that I have a strong (and obviously unpopular) opinion when it comes to fanmade games. …”
No worries, man. I’m pretty cynical when it comes to fan-made content/games as well. When someone thinks they can just pick up wherever the original developers left off, I cringe. I do; and it’s not meant as a negative comment… I’m just being truthful. When you’re a fan of the original content… you become a fan of the people who developed the content as well (and sometimes, even more so). Fans can be very protective of what and who they admire. I think that’s why you, Barry, are so critical about fan-made games… or you might just be like me and love arguing for argument’s sake. 😉

To be honest, I agree with some of Barry’s comments about fan-made games, but… I also realize that most fan-made games are simply tributes to the originators. Everybody should be allowed to worship his or her heroes… even in the form of a game. I honestly couldn’t see myself making a game based on someone else’s work, but I constantly use other people’s work for inspiration. That said, I’ll probably still give KQIX a try when it comes out… not because it’s based on the King’s Quest games, but because it looks like it has merit on its own.

I wish the KQIX team the best of luck.

“… (by Cesar Bittar) This is our choice, our dream, and something that we really enjoy doing. If you don’t like it, we’ll respect that, but please, respect our views as well. …”
Well said, César.

— Cody