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“so many pretentious announcements for fangames…”

Very true, but don’t you think all the screenshots and concept art (that is continually updated) on the KQ9 website show that the game is progressing, and show that the project won’t fade away? I think you’ll get disagreement that a release date, or an indication is neccessary. Now if KQ9 group hardly ever told you what they were doing, didn’t show screenshots, didn’t have online chats and only had a dinky little website, then yeah I’d say most people would consider that there’s a chance the project would just fade away. But I really don’t think your argument on this point will convince many people.

“I believe that only the original author may decide what happens next in the story”

True again, and I wouldn’t argue that. At the same time, I do believe there are talented writers out there who can write very convincingly the world of the original author. If you stuck 100% to that statement, then you would never watch a spin-off from the original Star Trek, or read a Star Trek novel that wasn’t written by Gene Roddenberry. See what I mean? You can argue the details of my argument, but that won’t change the premise of it. Again, from what KQIX team has shown so far, I believe they are competent to carry the KQ story, and that they have more going for them than an average fan project. But you would only be able to judge that once the game is released.

“eventually there will be noone left to play those games”

On the other hand, if you successfully remake or make a fan sequel for King’s Quest, you immediately have an audience. And there are new companies making new adventure games (such as Harvest Moon, comprised of former LucasArts folk). I don’t think a fan adventure is going to make a big impact on the industry. But a fan adventure based on a successful genre is going to be recognized, and if that fan group then continues to make an original game, they will receive more recongition because of what they did first. I know that’s the thinking behind AGDI. I don’t know what the thinking behind KQIX is. But furthermore, if I had the chance to make a game follow-up to one of the beloved series, and I thought I / my group had the talent to do it justice, then I would! I think it shows a serious love for Sierra’s old games, and not a disrespect for the original author. Some argue it’s a waste of time, that could be put to making an original game. Re-read from top of paragraph 🙂