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Barry has obviously rubbed Mr. Rodrigues and Mr. Bittar the wrong way, and even Barry can admit that his later posts are undoubtedly instigative… but, to be honest with you all, Barry does have an interesting point; albeit, in a goading manner. The one issue that he raised that I think actually deserves a response is “Why continue the King’s Quest saga? …why not make an original game?” I’m really curious as to what brought together a group of people to unofficially continue the series with a ninth installment. Was it simply a homage to Sierra’s efforts? …or were there things that the KQ9 team always wished Sierra would have done in the original games? …or is this a steppingstone to something even bigger? I’m actually curious… and I’m not trying to be a jerk.

And take this as you will…

A while ago I gathered people’s opinions on the idea of an online adventure game. I had all sorts of negative comments thrown at me throughout the thread. I received childish “Who’d want to play your stupid game?” responses to well thought out “I believe your game will not appeal to the masses because…” replies. Regardless of how articulate or crass the feedback was, I responded with genuine concern to the posts as to why the person did not like my gaming concept.

And you know what happened? Soon, the thread was teeming with constructive criticism… because the people who were just trying to ruffle my feathers didn’t get a rise out of me. In fact, I even had a few of the would-be troublemakers apologize to me later on in the thread because the topic kept taking interesting twists and they still wanted to participate in the discussion.

Basically, Barry obviously has something against the KQ9 project, but instead of trying to find out what it is; we have KQ9 people defending their game, and themselves to some degree, in a reactive manner. Not a good thing for anybody, if you ask me. In fact, Neil kind of treads close to shining a bad light on Sierra’s borrowed fairytale concepts, in my opinion. Definitely not a good thing… especially from the Assistant Director of Public Relations.

Anyway, everyone should take a pill. Besides, if people are actually going to take the time to respond to Barry’s comments, why not ask him why he’s making those comments instead of fueling the fire?

Food for thought.

— Cody