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Hello guys,

I’m César Bittar, Project Director of KQIX. I’m sure a couple of you know me already 😉

“… (by Barry)

I’m not a “customer” because I will probably never play this game. First of all, because I don’t like adventure games in 3D and secondly because I do not care for someone else’s view on what happens next in the KQ universe. If I play another KQ game it has to be written by Roberta Williams, the rest are just cheap knock-offs no matter how good they play or look. It’s like buying an imitation Rolex and pretending that it’s real, with the only difference being that it doesn’t take the manufacturer 4 years to make said Rolex…


It took Sierra 3 years and a couple of delays to release Gabriel Knight 3 with a full paid staff. If you want to talk about professional companies’ products “release dates”, take a look at Sierra’s Half Life 2 or Square’s Final Fantasy XII. We didn’t know when HL2 was going to be released until basically the release date, and we still don’t know when Final Fantasy XII will be released after almost 4 years in production. Both of these projects had/have incredible high budgets to work with.

Also, we’ve received a nod from both Roberta and Ken on the little stuff they’ve seen from King’s Quest IX, and they are basically the two people we care the most when it comes to approving or disapproving what we are doing.


César Bittar
Project Director
Unofficial KQIX Development Team