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“… (by Ants Bull)
Barry, why is it that id Software had exactly the same approach with all their games in the Quake and Doom series? They are obviously not a proper company either. Wake up brother and stop being a troll….”

Ehm, maybe it’s because ID Software (and Valve for that matter) wrote their own 3D engines? Most of the development time was spent on the engine, not on the game. Or maybe it’s because ID has already released high quality games in the past and you know what to expect from them?

I’m not sure why you’re calling me a troll, I may have an unpopular opinion but I feel that I have a valid point: why rip off someone else’s work when you can use your time and talent to create a new and original game?

Anyway, to each his own, discussing this any further seems like a waste of time, especially with the kind of replies I get from Yonkey (you can’t be serious).