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“… (by Yonkey )I’m sorry if you are an “unhappy customer”, but you shouldn’t make demands when you’re getting something for free.

I’m not a “customer” because I will probably never play this game. First of all, because I don’t like adventure games in 3D and secondly because I do not care for someone else’s view on what happens next in the KQ universe. If I play another KQ game it has to be written by Roberta Williams, the rest are just cheap knock-offs no matter how good they play or look. It’s like buying an imitation Rolex and pretending that it’s real, with the only difference being that it doesn’t take the manufacturer 4 years to make said Rolex…

“… (by Yonkey )
In other words, you cannot compare KQ9 to KQ2VGA because they are two completely different games. We are using: 3D graphics and animations, a completely different game engine designed for first person shooters rather than adventure games, a massive 2000+ page script, completely original musical themes, and more!

It’s not like you have to write the entire 3D engine yourself. If you don’t want to compare yourself to AGDI then compare yourself to the groups that make Mods for FP shooters, I don’t remember Counterstrike taking 4 years to develop.

Anyway, I agree with Brandon that I should stop this discussion. I just have a strong opinion with regards to fanmade games. I think that it’s ok to do a spoof (i.e. QfG4.5), but that’s it. If the Sierra games have inspired you and you want to make your own game then why not make an original game, with it’s own story, world and characters? Sierra didn’t get where they (unfortunately) were by ripping off other stories, they were original, fangames are not.