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“… (by Barry)
What I don’t understand is that, on one side, your group claims to “work like a company” (quote from Saydmell Salazar, your PR Director) but on the other side cannot even set a decent deadline. I’m not sure what kind of experience you have with working for an actual company, but trust me, if you tell your boss or your customers that it’s done when it’s done without giving them at least an indication of a deadline, they won’t be happy….”

I never said there was no deadline or release date for the game. I just said it will only be announced (publicly) when we are ready. Our team works through weekly assignments, deadlines, meetings and progress reports. One important thing to remember is that while we work like a company, we are not a company. Just like all the other fan groups out there, we are not being paid for our time and effort spent on creating this game, nor will we receive any income from this product once it is completed. Because of this, other real life priorities such as school and work always take precedence over development, which in turn affect deadlines. I’m sorry if you are an “unhappy customer”, but you shouldn’t make demands when you’re getting something for free. We are striving to create a very high-quality, cinematic-like game and trust me, it will be worth the wait.

“… (by Barry)
I also noted some stabs at Tierra by your group members in the KQ9 forum (“you can’t compare the game production of them as the one we handle” or “we are working on a 3d engine with crystal space, with a complete indepth plot, very unlike what Tierra has released so far”), which I think is a bit childish. Personally, I do not care for Tierra’s games but at least they know how to release games, which is more than I can say for the KQ9 project. …”

Those comments weren’t an attack on Tierra, they were reinforcing what our Project Director had said in the forum post just before it:

“Had we decided to use Tierra’s interface and graphics, this game would have been released a long while ago. However, because we are a full 3D game, with the best graphical quality we can give, it’ll take us longer.” – C├ęsar Bittar

In other words, you cannot compare KQ9 to KQ2VGA because they are two completely different games. We are using: 3D graphics and animations, a completely different game engine designed for first person shooters rather than adventure games, a massive 2000+ page script, completely original musical themes, and more! We are good friends with AGDI and we highly respect them as a fan group. I enjoyed playing KQ2VGA, but comparing it to KQ9 is like comparing apples to oranges.

Neil Rodrigues
Assistant Director of Public Relations & Web
Director of Programming
Project Coordination
Unofficial King’s Quest IX