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Hello again,

For some reason, this forum never notified me of any replies to my post. I apologize for not seeing these until now.

“… (by Johann de Waal) Yonkey, how long have you been with the KQ9 team? A month?

I’m not trying to be offensive, but seriously, that production has been toing and froing for so many years that there exists no clear conception in the public eye of what KQ9 will end up being.
Actually, I have been with the team for almost 2 years now. The fact that you do not know who I am, makes me believe that your opinions of our game are based on VERY old and outdated information which have changed so drastically, that even I am unaware of it as a Director.

“… (by Johann de Waal)
You may not realise this but the PR material put out over the last several years (by your team) have on a fundamental level represented KQ9 in a wide variety of guises. At one time it may have been an adventure game in the classic point and click style, while at another it boasted enough RPG elements that it really couldn’t qualify as an adventure game anymore.
Being the Assistant Director of Public Relations, I am fully aware of all KQ9 PR material posted over the past 2 years and not once was it ever described as an RPG or featuring RPG elements. But regardless of what was said 2+ years ago, I have read the plot entirely, seen 2D and 3D artwork created by the team, and work with the game engine itself almost everyday. I can assure you that there are no RPG elements in King’s Quest IX, and that it is an adventure game. 🙂

“… (by Brandon Klassen)
Oh, and how can you have an actor better at sounding like Graham than Josh Mandel since the sound of Graham is Josh Mandel?
Well, I meant better in terms of acting ability and expression while matching the same vocal tone, but you can listen to the sound clip hear for yourself. When we post more sound clips in the future, you will better understand what I mean.

“… (by Barry) I just browsed through their forums and they’re really vague about a release date. I get the impression that the final release date of KQ9 will most likely coincide with that of Duke Nukem Forever ……”
The release date will be announced when we are ready. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, you be notified as soon as we make the announcement, as well as other important updates.

“… (by Brandon Klassen) As for KQIX, I don’t think you can call it an average fan game.
I definitely agree. KQIX is a lot bigger than any previous King’s Quest game, in every aspect. 🙂

Neil Rodrigues
Assistant Director of Public Relations & Web
Director of Programming
Unofficial King’s Quest IX