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“QFG has always been much bigger than the average KQ game”

I dunno, are QFG games really that much bigger? Of course, you can’t count the early King’s Quests because they were released before the first QFG game. The seemingly larger size of a QFG game comes from having extra puzzles / solutions for the different character classes, as well as the RPG elements such as combat.

“You must under stand that it may take 3 years fo an average KQ fan game and maybe 4 for a QFG fan game, it takes much more time to beta test and create.”

I’m not sure what you’re referencing there. I don’t know what the development time of QFG4.5 was, but I doubt it was 4 years. The only KQ fan games released have been the AGDI games, and they were in development for less than 2 years each I believe. The average SQ fan game, Lost Chapter and Replicated, I don’t think took 3 or 4 years, but I may be wrong, and both those games were created mostly by only one person. So in general I would say any average Sierra fan game with an average-sized team shouldn’t take longer than 2 years. I think most people know that Hero6 has had its share of problems, so it’s understandable that it’s not finished yet. As for KQIX, I don’t think you can call it an average fan game.