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I think the AGDI’s plan to stop the company or just keep it active, I doubt they would make a nother gam because they are way too busy with himalaya studios, which seems to be well under way to release their new original title.

KQ2 & KQ1 Remake, hmmm? Wheree shall I start? There no words I can discribe how good they are, and how the AGDI’s have contributed to the Sierra on-line community, just because Sierra is dead does not mean us (fans) can not make our own games, QFG2vga is going to be a hit, just like their other titles, they are one of the very very few companies that have 2 complete projects under their belt, and a third on its way.

I would like to see a Conquests of Camelot remake, although there are some really annoying copy protection puzzles. o_O

Thats just my 2 cents.

Keep the dream alive,