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Hello everyone,

My name is Neil Rodrigues and I’m the Assistant Director of PR & Web as well as the Director of Programming at King’s Quest IX: Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining. I just noticed this thread a few days ago, but I will clear up some of the misconceptions people have posted here.

“… (by Johann de Waal) Matt, as far as I know Josh Mandel didn’t actively work (as in design or program) on AGDI’s games. He just did the voice for King Graham, which he also did back in the old days for Sierra and is now doing for the KQ9 fan project. However, we are told that Mandel is working on the unofficial SQ7 project as lead writer/designer….”

Josh Mandel isn’t doing the voice of King Graham in our project. Perhaps you are confusing us with AGDI’s KQ1VGA/KQ2VGA. We have a very talented voice actor doing the voice of King Graham. He actually sounds a bit better than Mandel in my opinion. You can listen for yourself to a preliminary sound clip we have, called “Edgar & Graham” on our Sound Clips page.

“… (by Johann de Waal)
And talking about KQ9, it is/will not be a “pure adventure game”. From what I’ve seen it contains several RPG elements and is set in a large, RPG-like world with multiple quests, etc. I could be wrong on this however, as that team have chopped and changed their game quite a few times over the last several years.
I am not sure where you got the idea that we are making an RPG. King’s Quest IX will be a 3D screen-to-screen adventure game. It will have a point-and-click interface and inventory system, just like all the previous games. The game is divided into nine chapters and will have magic system, but the magic system is not like one you would find in an RPG. For more information on our game, please visit the Info section of our site.


Neil Rodrigues
Assistant Director of Public Relations & Web
Director of Programming
Unofficial King’s Quest IX