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“… (by Johann de Waal)
I do agree with you on that last point – please, no more remakes or fangames. Adventure games is an emerging market. If your team can produce an adventure game based on an original concept with original characters and that is actually good and worthwhile to play, then serious money can be made. Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot by claiming (like a certain development studio recently did) that you single-handedly saved adventure games. Such comments go a long way towards alienating fans who realise (and appreciate) that many different companies have contributed towards keeping adventure gaming alive during its darker years.

I disagree, but they have fans that love their games so my opinion does not matter! I am not a fan!

But, if you look at how many other free fangames (original and remake) came out before and after Tierra Entertainment/Anonymous Game Developers, there is a big difference. King’s Quest II+ would not have been possible if they had not released KQ1 remake first. They got others going by showing it’s possible (in both cases, they just updated the graphics, increased the quality of the music, added a Point-Click to KQ2) which showed to everyone:

Guess what! You can make your own games!

I think this was their goal; Tierra took over King’s Quest — for free! I personally think King’s Quest 3 is up next after they remake QFG2, but I could be wrong. Just because they aren’t selling the games doesn’t mean they haven’t taken it over. KQ9 is following in the footsteps of KQ8 which is: Radical different gameplay with each chapter (if indeed it turns out to be an RPG).

They aren’t looking to sell their games, so it doesn’t matter. They don’t have a job, but they have “make it their job”, by creating the games and allowing you to play them for free. They don’t require money to label it a success. They just did it. They are lucky they have the freetime to do this, as most people have to make a living instead of making free videogames.

I would like to see more 3-D sprites in 3-D pre-rendered environments. Online. If it’s original content, then it’s good to go!

3-D sprites are pre-rendered so you don’t need a 3-D engine running. Backgrounds can have animated 3-D sprites (for flickering torches along the walls). Personally if I was AGDI, I would ditch 2-D cartoon drawings and try 3-D cartoon ala Grim Fandango.

The problem with the existing 3-D Adventure games like I am describing (see the Internet for: Riddle of the Sphinx, Dracula Resurrection and other DreamCatcher Games), is: No Multiplayer. In my opinion.

Johann, are there any adventure games you have played recently that you would pay $50 for? I would pay $50 for Grim Fandango 2…