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(re: re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game) Dixie, did you play Tierra’s KQ2 game?

No, I haven’t played it and had no desire to when I found that the game content was not KQ2. I don’t know, call me “old-fashioned” or “original” or whatever.

I felt the same way you did when I heard what they were doing. I thought it was an awful idea and it went against what they seemed to want to do — preserving the games. Then I played it, and found they really had preserved the game. The bare bones story is still there.

OK, perhaps I might try it out, for curiosity.

They just embellished it and made it into the type of game that KQ2 could have been, had the technology been available when it was made.

What does that mean? You can have a fantastic game, regardless of the technology of the time. Technology does not a great game make, but technology can and does extend an already great game. Again, I LIKED the orginal KQ2, in other words I don’t agree with Tierra’s modern summation of it. It wasn’t the technology that prevented anything, they claimed the game design itself was subpar, nothing to do with any technology. I’ve played my share of garbage games created with the most modern technology and I’ve played my share of great classics created in the 16 color, pre-sound card era. Game design is the meat of the game, not technology.

If you’ve played Tierra’s KQ2 and still feel this way that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But if you haven’t played it I urge you to try it out (it’s free, why not?) Personally, I’m glad I got over my initial stubborn “How dare they?!” reaction and played it, because not only is it an amazing game, it’s also an amazing tribute.

Exactly. As I said before, I may try it out, but unlike you, I AM stubborn on this kind of thing. Again, if the main game content is changed, it becomes a different game, IMO. As I said in the initial post, that wouldn’t mean that the Tierra game is bad, but that it should be regarded as their own original game, not what KQ2 should of been, would of been, or whatever else. They don’t speak for me when they talk bad about the original KQ2 because I liked it in 1985 when I first played it.