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(re: re: re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game) I haven’t commented on this topic, only because I’m still sidetracked. I’m on a boat in the middle of nowhere — with a rotten internet connection.

Actually — I really don’t have much of an opinion. I doubt that anyone will get sued. But, I also doubt that a fan game can ever make money, and there is a side of me that is still capitalistic. I have trouble taking anything seriously that doesn’t have as a goal to make money. My problem with fan games is that they take LOTS of work, but the ultimate marketability of the product is handicapped — so, either the game never finishes, or, when it is done, its ultimate distribution is limited (by the fact it can’t attract a first-tier publisher).

In short — I have no problem with fan games — but, I would prefer to see people that work hard and do great things receive compensation that reflects the value of their efforts. This isn’t possible with a fan game.

-Ken W