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(re: Sierra Game Remakes) Alright, let me try to wrap this up. The reason Ken or Roberta don’t comment much about AGDI is because I assume they want to avoid making direct statements regarding fan projects because of the obvious legal implications, not because this is beneath them.

In the context of speaking about AGDI, Just Adventure asked Roberta Williams in an interview, “How has the “fan game” situation affected you personally? Are you opposed to fans creating games based upon commercial series? How do you feel about potential copyright violations these games pose?”

Roberta answered: “I suppose if I were Sierra I would not be happy, as Sierra owns the copyrights to these games; I don’t. This is a question which should be posed to the people at Sierra. I don’t receive royalties anymore from King’s Quest as Sierra doesn’t really go out of its way to sell it. Therefore, these sort of “fan” games aren’t affecting me as far as my pocketbook goes. In fact, it could be said that by “fans” producing these games that they are, in a way, keeping them alive. I kind of feel that, if Sierra isn’t going to do it, then somebody should! I just hope they do a good job and portray these games in a good light so that people who have never experienced them will understand what they were all about. You never know, these “fan” games could be keeping the plate “warm” if I ever return with another game!”

I strongly feel that if Roberta were to contribute to this discussion, she would say that in fact AGDI’s games are protraying her original games “in a good light.” Having said that, as this is obviously something we all feel strong about, and hearing nothing from Ken or Roberta on this debate, I suggest to end this thread, since everyone has pretty much had a chance to make their points and we don’t want to get to the point where anyone’s feelings get hurt with harsh words.