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(re: re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game)

Nicely said Emily, somehow I find it very silly when people criticize and judge something they haven’t even tried, very unfair methinks.
Although J.Wooten has vowed to stay out of this discussion I will allow myself a comment on his writing.
Somehow when I read your posts J.Wooten I keep getting the feeling you are angry somehow, using sarcasm via “” and claiming how AGDInteractive is insulting Ken Williams, although somehow it seems the only person insulted here is you yourself. How can you use such harsh words for a group that is obviously a great fan of Sierra and Ken and Roberta Williams? If I didn’t know better ot would have only read your posts I would think that their site sports words beggining with F,S,B etc. in regards to Sierra, Ken and Roberta.
Have you thought that perhaps you yourself are insulting Ken? So easily you claim other people are insulting him, when you put words in Ken’s mouth he has never said, is that how you show respect to Ken and Roberta? By saying things are below him? But I might be mistaken, perhaps you do know all about him and your words are sold gold in that respect (shame on me for being sarcastic).
However I still believe if Ken felt insulted in any way he would answer, he would say if anything bothered him. He has answered multitude of questions he had no obligation to, to bring us information and insight into things we might have otherwise never discovered, and yet you say this thread is below him, harsh words.
But it seems there is no insult in any way, thankfully.

Shame on me for writing such a post, all I can say in my apology is read Emily’s post again, as it is very useful and much more informative and skip mine in the second reading.