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(re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game)

Dixie, did you play Tierra’s KQ2 game? I felt the same way you did when I heard what they were doing. I thought it was an awful idea and it went against what they seemed to want to do — preserving the games. Then I played it, and found they really had preserved the game. The bare bones story is still there. They just embellished it and made it into the type of game that KQ2 could have been, had the technology been available when it was made.

If you’ve played Tierra’s KQ2 and still feel this way that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But if you haven’t played it I urge you to try it out (it’s free, why not?) Personally, I’m glad I got over my initial stubborn “How dare they?!” reaction and played it, because not only is it an amazing game, it’s also an amazing tribute.

As to the “bashing” comment — no one’s bashing people who don’t like Tierra. Saying “I like what Tierra’s doing” is entirely different from putting someone down for not liking them. Like or dislike whatever you want, but expect that others are going to have different opinions.

> If you feel this Tierra group has an legitimacy, you may want to encourage them to reword their marketing material.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with their marketing material, personally.

The quote above about the illogical puzzles was taken out of context. Here’s the full quote:

“King’s Quest II was the sequel to the original King’s Quest game designed by Roberta Williams. Many people regard this to be the game most in need of an upgrade. Several people were discontented with this sequel, believing the puzzles were illogical and the storyline was too sparse. Additionally, the graphics, which were impressive for its time, are now painfully outdated, and several computers cannot even run the game with sound anymore! To make things even worse, this classic is no longer available in stores.”

They are not bashing the game. They’re stating why they bothered to embellish it in the first place. Listening to the wishes of the fans… hey, what a concept! Sounds kind of like how Sierra was run in the old days.