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(re: re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game)

This will be my last post on the subject. I don’t care what Tierra does or whose product they “remake”. I definitely have a problem with someone advertising a product, on this site, that purports to “improve” a legendary game that many here hold dear to their hearts and then insult the original designer, a legend in the industry, by making insulting comments about the original work. It’s simply a matter of ethics and respect for intellectual property rights.

True to the earlier quote, Ken doesn’t have to comment on this discussion or the people “improving” his products. It’s miles beneath him. But contrary to whatever you read into this site, it is still Ken William’s site. A certain amount of respect for him and Roberta is expected from the visitors, and those of us that treasure the memories Sierra provided us shouldn’t tolerate insults.

If you feel this Tierra group has an legitimacy, you may want to encourage them to reword their marketing material.