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(re: Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game) My view on the Tierra remakes is (sorry about the length): If its fine for people who remake movies and t.v. shows to change things (e.g. Planet of the Apes, Starsky and Hutch) or people who turn books into movies to have creative differences e.g Harry Potter movies, the superb Lord of the Rings movies – then it IS most definitely, perfectly fine for computer games to be remade with artistic differences and changes. Tierra’s games have done a superb job of putting adventure games back in the spotlight of the computing press………how can that be a bad thing? I’m sure if you ask the original designers about the Tierra remakes, they would be flattered not angry about being copied. I wouldn’t call the Tierra remakes “riding on the coattails” either, as they have put in thousands of hours of work, unpaid, and have produced some stunning stuff in those games. 99% of remakes are done by different people than those who wrote the original games – it is their ‘enterpretation’ of the game. Based on your very flawed arguments, the Quest for Glory 1 and Police Quest 1 remakes that Sierra themselves did were ‘riding on the coattails’ of the original designers, because they made notable changes to a couple of parts of the remakes. And finally a couple of points for previous posters: Maybe you should tell Nintendo to contact their lawyers, as 20 of their games are being remade and advertised at the official remakes web site – – including 5 different Mario games. Myamoto must feel terribly insulted. The comment about posting disrespectful opinions on one of the Williams websites is not entirely correct – the website URL is actually “Sierra Gamers”…………….so I think that means Ken wanted Sierra Gamer’s to post their opinions on this board. I’d rather read someones critique and reasoning about the Sierra games than all those endless boring posts of people saying “Your games taught me how to read” and “I am your biggest fan”. The front page of this website actually says something along the lines of “this site is mine and yours” and “I want you to challenge each other”. In the end, I reckon we should leave it up to people to have different tastes and opinions – don’t yell at someone because they like something.