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(Leave plot/storyline/puzzles unaltered in a remake, otherwise it’s an entirely different game) I agree with J. Wooten. I continually see, more often than not, on this forum folks bashing people who don’t like, for whatever reason, Tierra’s remakes and the critics are certainly entitled to their opinions the same as the Tierra worshipers are entitled to theirs. And, as far as I’ve read on this forum over the last year, there’s certainly no shortage of Tierra fans. Personally, I don’t mind a genuine remake of a classic game as long as they keep the original plot and storyline intact and simply update the graphics/sounds/animation. I’ve heard Tierra did just that with King’s Quest I, although I’ve not played it myself. However, their so-called “remake” of King’s Quest II is no such thing. It should have been called something else entirely rather than simply changing the subtitle from Romancing the Throne to Romancing the Stones and keeping the main title. If you’re going to alter the storyline/plot/puzzles, then it becomes a completely different game IMO, not a “remake” at all. No problem with that, just name it originally and don’t call it a “remake” of somebody else’s previous work. I, for one, did like the original KQ2 and would indeed like a remake to take advantage of newer machines, but not an altered game and calling it a “remake.”