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(re: Why Tierra Re-Makes Are So Great)

Tierra games are helping to keep alive a genre that I truly enjoy – a genre where storytelling, exploration and logical thinking are more important than twitch reflexes. My kids play a lot of games on the PS2 – and they’re “fine”… but, they have never grabbed me and made me want to play for hours on end the way the old Sierra/Lucasarts games did. Granted, the early Sierra games were pretty basic. There was only so much you could do with that old technology. But, with KQ2vga, Tierra has fleshed out a very basic story, given it depth and a real plot. Playing KQ2vga was nostalgic and yet new at the same time – and I couldn’t have enjoyed it anymore than I did. It’s unbelieveable that AGDs would put in the amount of time and effort they did – and just for the love of adventure games. That’s pretty great!