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(re: re: Why Tierra Re-Makes Are So Great) To me personaly, they are so great becouse they have succeded in capturing the spirit of Sierra adventures, I loved Sierra’s remakes and I felt it was fitting AGDInteracitve did the job for those games that were left out. Somehow to me, personaly, the best adventures appeared in VGA, so my fondest memory exist in those views, I have, of course, played most of the adventure series from Sierra and loved most of them and really liked the rest. Enhancing the games in new graphics brought them closer to my fondest view of adventure games. The longer plot and extra puzzles in KQ2 really made it a better experience. It is a bit hard to believe that better graphics and interface would worsen the game, but it’s your opinion and it is to be respected.
However, I believe that the massive amount of work that Tierra put into these remakes is also to be respected. Like another person already mentioned.
The fact that they released it for free only emphasizes the effort that was put into making them, they never demanded anything in return and it had brought back fond memories to many old sierra fans and if they perhaps influenced some younger FPS loving gamers to play an adventure game, perhaps even buying the series or trying out other adventure games, or encouraging someone else to replay old Sierra adventure games… well that, if nothing else, makes them great, in my humble opinion, of course.