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(re: re: re: re: Sierra Game Remakes) King’s Quest 2 was rubbish to start off with. Even for a 10 year old (me when I played it), it seemed like a bunch of ideas and things copied from fairytales all thrown together to cash in on the success of Kings Quest 1. Luckily Kings Quest 3 well and truly erased the memory of how bad part 2 was. What they did for Kings Quest 2 was IMO awesome, and had the effect of getting a lot of attention in the gaming community for adventure games in general.As a big fan of KQ2, I feel I must step in to offer my view. For me, playing KQ2 for the first time (a few days after it was published — I have the 5 1/4 inch disk in a nice frame) was a revelation. The game world felt very vibrant and alive, and the plot/quests were fairly logical and fun. Man, the agony of finally being able to open that door on the island and then facing another one… Yeah, there’s a lot of faery tales in KQ2, but I think that worked out all right.

KQ3 was a better game still. In fact, I feel every successor was a step up — until the seventh one, which I’ve never really gotten into, despite owning three copies ;). I have the eight one as well, and although I did play it to the end, it didn’t really feel like a KQ game.

– Sven