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(re: Sierra Game Remakes) I strongly disagree with most of your points, and there’s a few thousand AGDI fans out there who would disagree with you as well. You have a strong opinion but I would say there’s not many who share your opinion, at least to such a degree. Still, you’re entitled to your opinion just as those who disagree with you are entitled to theirs. I don’t want to get into a big argument, so I will just make a few points of rebuttal (I’m not really a debater, I shouldn’t even reply at all!).

2. It’s free. Yes. Certainly no true Sierra fan would buy into such sacrilege.

Many Sierra fans would literally “buy” “such sacrilege.” AGDI often gets people asking in their guestbook how to donate money to them (though they don’t accept for the legal trouble they could get into if they do). I don’t agree that a “true” Sierra fan must *only* like the very original Sierra releases. A purist, perhaps – and I guess that would be how you view the Sierra games.

The original KQ2 isn’t much by today’s standards?

The whole point of adding “better” sound and graphics, and in the case of KQ2 an actual plot, is to bring the game up to the standard of games like King’s Quest V – which is what Sierra itself did with their remakes. That’s what is meant by “standards.” Again, I think you’re a purist in this regard – many people will disagree with you.

Especially if you truly ENTER the world through your imagination, as the goal of all successful adventure games should be.

The enhanced graphics and sound and story make it even more possible for you enter the world through your imagination… if this was truly your point, you would be an advocate of text adventures and no graphics at all… And AGDI’s remakes, by their download #s, *are* very successful.

Different interface. Different graphics and sound. Different gameplay. Not designed by the designer of the original. You call that respect?

1000s of hours spent meticulously programming, making graphics, beta testing, recording music… a true tribute to the process that Sierra went through while making their games. I call that the highest form of respect.

You might get some people here who agree with you on general points… but you might want to prepare yourself for some angry posts in return (play nice everyone).