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Actually I was extremely excited to hear about Tierra’s (now AGDI) remake of King’s Quest. I waited a long time for them to finish, and couldn’t wait to download and play it.

Then, when I gave it a spin, it suddenly struck me – it really wasn’t King’s Quest 1 anymore. It was something else. Adding a point and click interface and “upgrading” the graphics and sound added a whole new dynamic to it. To rephrase that, I don’t think they ADDED anything. Rather they simply OBSCURED the classic originals. (And they are currently doing the same to QG2.)

So when a player says he’s/she’s finished KQ1 or 2, but in fact only played through the AGDI versions, what is he/she actually saying?

Though I must add, I hold exactly the same feelings towards Sierra’s own VGA remakes of their games. The simply fact that they would commission these remakes (of their own classics) was another chink in their armour. Deservedly, none of them sold very well (and Sierra lost a lot of money).