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Yes! I’ve played KQ1 and 2 remakes and I’d have to say that they were alot more easier to play. They should do a KQ3 also but maybe ease up on Manannan catching you every 5 minutes. In the future, I’d really like to see alot of the earlier games remade like Space Quest 1 and 2, The Black Cauldron, Gold Rush and some early Police Quests.

What about a Gabriel Knight 4!!! But still, it would need the magic touch from Jane Jensen to make it an exclusive Gabriel Knight Adventure!

That makes me think. Most of the time I read on interviews and such that they stop sequels from happening because the budget is low. Depending on the fan’s budgets, what if a group got together and started a funding program of donations to help create these awesome games! (esp GK4!!) Maybe I just have high hopes. 🙂